In accordance with Section 143-131, North Carolina General Statutes, the Town of Ranlo is requesting informal bids for construction renovations to the Ranlo Lodge, located at 2000 Spencer Mountain Road, Gastonia, North Carolina 28054. The work will include general, site, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work to be constructed at the Ranlo Lodge under one single prime renovation contract, should the project exceed $300,000.00. HVAC specifications are specified under a separate project and bidding process. Bids will be received by the Town to provide all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to renovate the Ranlo Lodge specified in this Request for Informal Bids until 5:00 pm on September 8, 2022, at Ranlo Town Hall, 1624 Spencer Mountain Road, Gastonia, North Carolina or electrically at jblanton@townofranlo.org. The Town of Ranlo has a 10% verifiable percentage goal for participation by minority businesses in the total value of work for building projects awarded by the Town of Ranlo under this project that is subject to $100,000.00 state funding, pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 143-128.2.  The Town’s HUB Outreach Plan can be found on the Town’s website.  Bid packets can be found below.

Bid Packet for Lodge Rennovations

Bid Packet for HVAC System

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