The Town of Ranlo recently submitted three applications to the Division of Water Infrastructure.  Applications and project areas for each can be found below.

(1) Waterline Replacement Grant – 2022

(1) Waterline Replacement Map – 2022

(2) Second Interconnect Grant Application – 2022

(2) Second Interconnect Project Map – Grant 2022

(3) Sewer Line Replacement Grant Application – 2022

(3) Sewer Line Replacement Map – 2022

Utility bills are due on the 15th of each month. To avoid disconnection, any charges on your current bill must be paid before 5:00PM on the 25th of each month. Disconnections for nonpayment are conducted on the 26th of each month or the following business day. Payment after 5:00PM on the 25th will result in a $50.00 fee.

Payments may be made using the drop box, drive thru, or on the website.

NOW AVAILABLE: Automatic Bank Draft. See below for the application form and Terms & Conditions.



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