Public Works Schedule for Garbage Collections throughout the Town

Collections begin at 7:00 am (Monday and Tuesday mornings unless Holiday Schedule).

Citizens are asked to have their garbage out by 7:00 am on those two days. Any trash that has not
been picked by Tuesday will be picked up on Wednesday.

“Each home is provided one (1) 95-gallon regulation garbage can by the Town. Additional cans are available at a cost of $55.00 per can. There will also be an additional monthly charge  of $3.00 on utility bills for each additional can.”

  • No garbage can may exceed a weight of 95 gallons.
  • We do not collect paint cans unless filled with dirt or sand.
  • Food or any other spoilable items must be inside plastic bags.
  • Trashcans need lids in order to prevent animals from pulling out garbage.
  • We do not pick up behind fences.
  • We do not rake up in yards if trash is left out where animals may scatter it back into the yards.
  • We do not pick up any hazardous materials.
  • We do not pick up contracted work.
  • All material, whether it is brush, white goods (metal), C/D
    (construction/demolition) or garbage must be separated or will not be picked up.

When a homeowner does not live in the house they own, but are doing repairs and/or remodeling
the house in order to rent or sale, the Town will not be responsible for the pick up of the debris.
Containers other than regulation garbage cans will not be emptied, and no garbage will be picked
up unless it is inside a regulation garbage can.

All these regulations are in the Town Ordinance Book in section 4-2001 to 4-2012. If you have
any questions on this, please do not hesitate to call Ranlo Public Works Department and speak
with Jason Green at 704-824-4013.

Bulk Pick-Up Schedule 2021

Bulk items are picked up every second Wednesday of the month.

May 12
June 9
July 14
August 11
September 8
October 13
November 10
December 8

Additional Pick-Ups

Outside of the monthly pick-ups, residents may schedule additional pick-ups.

Scheduled White-Good Collection
Excess Household Trash and Bulk ≤ 50lbs
Excess Household Trash and Bulk ≥ 50lbs
Forms & Documents
Municipal Citizens Guide to Stormwater
Public Works April 24, 2021
Garbage Collections Schedule
Public Works August 12, 2020
Storm Water Do’s and Don’ts
Public Works August 12, 2020

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