The Town of Ranlo continues to work diligently to prepare, accept, and execute almost $9.5 million in direct allocations and grant funding.

Last November, the North Carolina General Assembly announced that direct allocations in the amount of $6,416,950.00 would be provided to Ranlo.  In April, the Ranlo Board of Commissioners approved two grant project ordinances to accept the funds and detailed the projects to be funded.  The funds from the General Assembly will be administered through two programs:  the State Capital Improvement Fund and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Infrastructure.

As of July 2022, the Town has received $3,592,750.00 via the State Capital Improvement Fund.  These funds are located in a separate capital management account and has garnered $2,893.10 in interest.

The Town is required to provide performance reports to the Office of State Budget and Management quarterly.  The latest report was submitted on July 11th 2022 and during the most recent quarter, the Town has expended $10,447.01 towards surveying services and engineering design for the extension of Ranlo Avenue and sidewalk improvements.

The following projects will be funded from the State Capital Improvement Fund:

  1. Boulder Court Restoration: $1,503,560.00
  2. Ranlo Avenue Roadway Extension: $394,500.00
  3. The Lodge and Community Building Renovations and Upfitting: $972,000.00
  4. Sidewalk Repair and Extensions $722,690.00

Bid packets for the Boulder Court Restoration and Ranlo Avenue Extension are in the process of being finalized.  The Town anticipates that the projects will be out for bid by the end of the summer.  We also are planning for upfitting to the Lodge, Community Building, and parks to begin in the early fall.

The Town continues to await funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Infrastructure.  These funds will total $2,824,200.00 and will be used for the following projects:

  1. South Ranlo Waterline Replacement Project: $2,067,130.00
  2. AMR Meter Replacement System: $1,039,005.00
  3. Ranlo Avenue Waterline Extension: $261,165.00

After grant funding is received for these projects, there will be $543,100.00 deficit for these projects from the funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Infrastructure.  The Town will likely be supplanting funds from the American Rescue Act to bridge the gap between the total costs and available grant funding.

The AMR Meter Replacement System has been ordered and meters continue to arrive.  This system will provide over 1600 new meters for all residences and structures throughout the Town.  The Town anticipates beginning the installation of these meters in September and October of 2022.

The Town also continues to coordinate with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to secure $2 million in funding for infrastructure upfitting.  These funds were approved by the United States Congress and allocated directly to the Town of Ranlo.

Lastly, the Town has received $584,491.11 for the first installment of grant funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.  We anticipate a second and final equal installment within the next few months.

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