The Town of Ranlo is so excited about the delivery of a new sanitation truck. This truck operates by a mechanical arm that extends out to grab the container, dumps it in the truck and places the container back in the spot that it was lifted from.

In order for this to be successful, we need your help. Starting Monday August 5, please place your container in an area on the curbside where the new truck will have room to operate. The container needs to be away from any mailboxes, cars, and low hanging limbs. Your containers will need to be at least twelve inches apart to accommodate the arm. Staff has been training for the use of the new sanitation truck; however, anytime we implement something new, there are adjustments that will need to be made. Adjustments on our side and the customer’s side.

Please be patient with us as staff tries to streamline this service with more effective service. Please expect some delays as the driver will be learning as he goes. We will assist for several weeks with door-hangers letting you know of any issues we may be having at your residence.

When placing your container at the curbside please keep the following in mind:

●  Do not place items on top of garbage containers. All lids must be closed.

●  Please do not park on the streets. This will prevent us from being able to empty your container or    your neighbors.

●  Bulky items will continue to be picked up, but only on Thursdays and Fridays with another truck.

●  Should you have a bulky item that needs to be picked up, please contact town hall and a work order will be made to pick the item(s) up.

●  Only Town of Ranlo containers will be emptied.

●  If you feel that a single container is not efficient for your household garbage please contact town hall and purchase another container.

We understand that this will take some adjustments and we are here to work with all of our citizens. We are so appreciative of this new sanitation truck and for the privilege of serving the Town of Ranlo.

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